Announcement of MHTMACAU 2022

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, “Tomorrow Healthcare Vaccine for Protection: Expo, Conference and Forum” which were planned to be held in March 2022 will be postponed. Detailed schedule will be announced once it is ready. Thank you for your attention!

Biz Pairing

Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of Reference

A. In the rules and regulations for participation in Medical & Health Tourism Hong Kong 2020, the term 'exhibitor' shall mean any company, firm, or person who has applied for or been allocated any space at the exhibition.

B. The term 'organizer' shall mean TradExpo International, Hong Kong.

2. Application for Participation and Term of Payment

A. All applicants (hereinafter referred to as "exhibitors") are required to submit the application form to the organizer for the participation.

B. This contract shall become binding against the exhibitors when the exhibitors submit the application form and pays the organizer the registration deposit (i.e. 50% of the entire participation fee). The organizer, however, may defer or refuse any application without reason.

C. All exhibitors are required to inform the organizer of any change in the application and exhibitors are responsible for all the consequences caused by late notification of the change

3. Allocation of Exhibit Space

A. The organizer shall have absolute discretion to allocate the space location to the exhibitors taking into account the time of the application, the size of the space applied for, the nature of the exhibits or in the manner the organizer deems fit.

B. The organizer shall reserve the right to change the space location and the size allocated to the exhibitors at any time prior to the installation of the booth. The exhibitors shall have no claim against the organizer for any loss and damage as a result thereof.

4. Use of Exhibit Space

A. All exhibitors are required to exhibit the announced products and deploy sufficient staff and personnel to the booth during the whole period of the exhibition.

B. All exhibits must be presented in accordance with the description stated on the application form, and be closely related to the theme of the exhibition. Public auctions and retail sales without written permission from the organizer are strictly prohibited. If the exhibitors violate the above mentioned rules, the organizer shall be entitled to terminate the exhibitors' activity or cancel the exhibit booth immediately without notice. In such case, the participation fee will not be refunded and the organizer shall reserve the rights to claim against the exhibitors for any loss and damage suffered by the organizer.

C. The organizer shall have absolute discretion to refuse the admission / access of any persons to the exhibition venue, without reason.

D. Exhibitors are not allowed to sublet or assign any allocated space in whole or part, unless prior written consent is first obtained from the organizer. Modifications including decorations such as painting the floor, ceiling and pillars will be strictly prohibited. The exhibitor shall be liable to the organizer for any loss and damage caused to the exhibition hall.

E. All exhibitors must not do or permit or suffer to be done any act or thing which may be or become a nuisance to the other exhibitors and /or visitors.

F. The organizer shall have absolute discretion to terminate any activities of the exhibitors if the same may cause any danger to the other exhibitors and/or visitors or constitute infringement of Intellectual Property Right.

5. Terms of Payment

A. 50% deposit of entire participation fee shall be paid when the exhibitor application is submitted. The balance shall be paid no later than 31st Oct 2019.

B. For the payment of participation fee, time is of the essence. If the exhibitors fail to pay the participation fee in accordance with the scheduled payment date, the organizer has the right to terminate the contract without notice and any participation fee already paid will not be refunded.

C. The organizer shall reserve the right to the exhibits of the exhibitors unless and until full-payment is received by the exhibitors.

6. Cancellation Policy

A. Should the exhibitors be unable to occupy and use the exhibit space allocated, the exhibitors shall promptly notify the organizer in writing.

B. Any request for refund must be submitted to the organizer in writing before 30th Sept 2019. The organizer shall have discretion as to the approval of the request for refund. No request for refunds will be entertained after 30th Sept 2019.

C. No interest shall be paid on any fund / money received by the organizer..

7. Change or Cancellation of Show

The participation fee paid will be refunded only if the cancellation is made by the organizer for any circumstances beyond the control of the organizer (e.g. rainstorm, typhoon, flood, fire, riot…), the fee paid will not be refunded. The organizer reserves the right to suspend the event, change the venue and the date and duration of the exhibition. In such case, the fee paid will not be refunded and the exhibitors shall have no claim, demand, whatsoever against the organizer for any loss and damage thereof.

8. Installation and Decoration of Stand and Display

All exhibitors must complete their construction and/or decoration, and move-in and display of exhibits at their own costs and expenses by the date and time stipulated by the organizer.

9. Removal of Exhibits and Stand Fittings

Exhibitors shall remove all exhibits and stand fittings from the exhibition hall at their own costs and expenses within the period stipulated by the organizer and indemnify the organizer against any loss, damage and cost incurred by reason of the delay or damage to the exhibition hall.

10. Securities, Risk and Insurance

A. The organizer shall reserve the right to prohibit or dismantle any constructions of demonstrations that may pose dangers to any party including but not limited to visitors.

B. The exhibitors are solely responsible for any loss or theft and damage to exhibits and stand fittings belonging to the exhibitors during the set-up period, exposition days or dismantle period.

C. In the event that the exhibitors, its contractors, staffs and/or its agents intentionally or negligently causes a fire, theft, breakage or other accidents inflicting injuries, loss and damages to the organizer or others, the exhibitors shall be solely responsible for all the loss and damages thereof.

D. All exhibitors shall be solely responsible for maintaining sufficient insurance to cover any loss and damage to property, death and personal injury caused to any party.

11. Fire Regulations

A. Materials used in stand and display construction must be properly fire-proofed in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Government of HKSAR.

B. The organizer has the right to make any changes in the exhibitors stand for fire control.

12. Supplementary Clauses

A. The organizer has the right to enforce any regulations of Show and to make amendments and/or further regulations that are considered necessary for proper conduct of the exhibition and such decisions and regulations shall be binding on all exhibitors.

B. The exhibitors shall also observe the regulations for the management of the exhibition halls of AsiaWorld-Expo

13. Arbitration of Disputes

Any dispute, difference or question which may arise at any time hereafter between the organizer and the exhibitors touching on the true construction of these terms and regulations for participation or the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Hong Kong’s Arbitration Ordinance of the District Court (Hong Kong). The award of the above arbitration shall be final and binding upon both parties.